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en-N This user has a native understanding of English.
4 This user has a professional level of project management skills (5+ years experience managing all aspects of a project. Complex risk, resources and client management).
3 This user has an advanced level of teaching skills (Classroom/college/university teacher 2+ years; might not have teaching certificate).
3 This user has an advanced level of media production skills (audio, video, print, online) (has designed materials under someone's supervision; has created these materials; knows production tools very well).
3 This user has an advanced experience level of talking to the press (has written press releases; has answered press inquiries with individualized responses; has participated in recorded radio/tv interviews).
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Hey there! I'm Cindy Ashley-Nelson and I live in the Seattle area. I am an Online Ambassador, member of the Online Ambassador Selection Team, and member of the Ambassador Steering Committee working with the Wikipedia Education Program. Online Ambassadors serve as virtual mentors, advisors, and helpers to the professors and students who are incorporating Wikipedia into the classroom. You can visit me over at here.