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Welcome to my user page!

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My trajectory in the Wikimedia universe is associated with my academic life and my personal standings for the right to information.

I’m currently one of the Wiki Movement Brazil User Group liaisons. Feel free to contact me at or at my talk page!

I started to get involved with Wikimedia projects due to an education program when I was a Journalism student in 2016. A while later, I’ve became more active on these projects, specially on a academic research context related to Wikipedia and Wikidata.

I was a fellow on a São Paulo Research Foundation’s (FAPESP) Scientific Journalism program in Brazil at the Research, Innovation and Dissemination Center for the Neuromathematics (RIDC NeuroMat) in which I’ve developed a practical and theoretical project on strucutured narratives and Wikidata on a Computational Journalism context. Here’s a suggestion of reading on the subject published at Revista Texto Livre (in portuguese).

As a result of this project, I've created alongside with Ederporto the Mbabel tool that automatically generates Wikipedia articles drafts with information extracted from Wikidata. This computational communication project was based on a template by Pharos. And here you can find a 5 minutes video on the activity I developed with Journalism students using the Mbabel tool for public communication purposes, focused on brazilian elections.

My intention here lays on improving the information quality that people access on the internet today. To do so, I value constructive dialogue and collaboration environments. I strongly recommend the friendly space policy adoption both online and offline.

It’s very important for me to teach others how to edit Wikipedia. So I love helping organizing and presenting edit-a-thons! Here are some editathons I’ve organized:

I also support education projects with Wikimedia platforms and I enjoy taking part on GLAM Wiki initiatives. Wiki Movimento Brasil is responsible for a series of GLAM Wiki initiatives from which I highlight the partnerships with:

Wikidata is a very dear project to me and I help to organize Wikidata Labs, which are technical trainings to explore new tools and develop skills with this open database. You can check out a couple of editions presented by myself here:

I support fighting the gender gap on Wikimedia! This pic was taken at the #MaisMulheresNaTecnologia edit-a-thon in São Paulo.

Currently, I’m involved in Human Rights, Communication Sciences, science communication, Digital Humanities and Information Sciences projects.

I’m a Communication Advisor at an NGO focused on the migratory issue in Brazil. We welcome migrants and refugees to our lodgings and offer legal and documentary assistance, job placement, brazilian portuguese classes and cultural activities. We also have a human migration research center and an amazing library!

I believe in the appropriation of ICTs and internet spaces as an important step towards reducing gender disparity. In 2017, I researched the performance of women-led collectives that deal with gender and technology with actions focused on education, career and awareness. If you would like to know more about this kind of cyberfeminism, the study is available for reading here.

I’m also a member of a science communication group called Via Saber in which we try to bring the scientific community closer to the society in general through simple and potent actions. You can check out more of this work through our Facebook page or by writing directly to me.

Check out my user page on PT Wikipedia: