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This is an example user page.

It's not a part of the encyclopedic content of Wikipedia, but it's a good way to present yourself to other editors.

(Explains basics of a user page.) Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Vivamus tempor mi vel nisi consequat vulputate. Maecenas gravida, lorem id bibendum commodo, metus diam ultrices leo, vel dapibus erat lacus a nunc. Fusce consectetur iaculis felis cursus aliquam.

If you want to start editing an article now, you can create your user page later by clicking the red link with your user name at the top of the page. Search for an article to edit.

  • By making it very easy for the new user to start a user page, we believe based on test we have done previously, that we can make them edit Wikipedia
  • We want the new user to make his or her first edit as soon as possible, to make them understand that it's not such a big deal
  • We want to learn more about the new user, since that will make it easier for Wikipedians to understand whether this is someone who is going to be productive or a troll.
  • We should give the new user to come back to this at some later stage and start editing or browsing directly.