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I am a Museum Studies graduate student with a background in social studies education and early childhood education (specifically implementing the Reggio Emilia approach). I am now pursuing a career in Collections Management and/or museum education. Having experienced the negative bias that educators have toward Wikipedia, I am now interested in how the perception of Wikipedia can be altered in a more positive way, allowing educators, historians and the cultural sector in general to contribute to Wikipedia on a grander scale. My work with WikiProject Public Art has proved enlightening in this respect.

As an emerging museum professional and a Wikipedian, I am very interested in Museum-Wikipedia relations and closely follow Wikipedia:GLAM. While not yet gainfully employed, I do have close affiliations with The Children's Museum of Indianapolis and the Indianapolis Museum of Art as a graduate student. From September to December 2010 I will be completing a paid student internship as Web & Emerging Media Intern at the Children's Museum of Indianapolis. In short, in this role I will identify research and multimedia content to be made available for use in Wikipedia and coordinate with the Wikipedia community to begin updating articles with this new content.

Wikipedia C.V.


A listing of my recent Wikipedia projects and outreach efforts can be found here.