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The Museum Computer Network's annual conference will be held November 16-19, 2011 in Atlanta, Georgia with the theme Hacking the Museum: Innovation, Agility, and Collaboration. This conference brings together an international set of museum technology professionals. It's an important time to share our ideas for cooperative projects and big picture ideas for the future. Multiple GLAM-Wiki sessions are included in this conference (see TMiG entry & program), including my presentation: Practical Methods for Collaborating with Wikipedia.

While this presentation will include many projects piloted by The Children's Museum of Indianapolis, we will have a full hour and a half to share information and facilitate discussion. I hope to utilize this time to represent the GLAM-Wiki movement as a whole. With this being the case, please share your suggestions for important points, themes, or case studies that should be incorporated into our presentation. Feel free to note other topics that may not make it into the session, but should be brought up while networking.

Important topics for the session

  • Retention and ongoing motivation/staff involvement post-resident. How to?
  • (Add suggestions here)

Case studies & examples for the session

  • (Add suggestions here)

Topics to bring up informally while networking

  • (Add suggestions here)
  • Commons Batch Uploader vs. The Flickr: Balboa Park Online Collaborative Upload tool.
  • Freedom declaration? (Still too fresh?)
  • Many museums (and other GLAMs) run their own publication series. These are very rarely Open Access, and even less frequently licensed in a way that would allow reuse of these materials on Wikimedia projects. Time to change?

Lori & Angie's brainstorm for the core of the session

  • How to connect with the Wikimedia community
  • First steps for success
  • Image donations, or going deeper?
  • Sustainability
  • Integrating Wikipedia into your workflow