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JarrahTree has been active on wikimedia projects for some years, wp:en and commons being the higher edit areas.

Editing areas on wp;en have been across a wide range of subjects, and topics. For the first 4 years as editor he was within reach of being in the top 200 editors by edit, but is dropping down closer to the top 300 in the last 5 years. This is by never using a bot or automated process.

In the Indonesian and Australian project areas on wp:en he has created a lot of content.

One of the group of founders of the WikiProject Death.

In the Australian project an extensive contributor of content and photos in the Tasmanian and Western Australian projects.

Instigatore of the Australian Maritime History project.

Project tagging (category and article) for the Scottish project, London Project as well those already mentioned.

Attended the Wikimania Hong Kong event in 2013, and developed ideas first expressed at the 'Idea Lab' there, and has gone on to develop a group of projects.

Attended the Wikimania London event in 2014, and subsequently has become Secretary of Wikimedia Australia, and Coordinator of the Western Australian Branch of Wikimedia Australia

Has contributed to the Freopedia project, the Toodyay project - and conducted preliminary discussions with other locations for possible similar projects.

Languages and skills:
3 This user has an advanced level of project management skills (can manage a project alone including small team (up to 10) and client management. Responsible for schedules and budgets).
3 This user has an advanced level of teaching skills (Classroom/college/university teacher 2+ years; might not have teaching certificate).
2 This user has an intermediate level of media production skills (audio, video, print, online) (has created materials, implementing a provided design; knows some tools fairly well).
4 This user has a professional experience level of talking to the press (has written significant amounts of press releases and talking point memos; has given live radio/tv interviews).
1 This user has a basic level of coding skills.
  • Indonesian and Malaysian - basic level - has lived in Indonesia conducting post-graduate research
  • Project Management - has been supervisor in work environments, but prefers to think of as level 2
  • Teaching - has lectured at community college level, and tutored at university level
  • Media - has been temporary editor of community newspaper in a remote Australian mining community
  • Press - has been spokesperson for a number of organizations, spoken on local ABC about wikipedia