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Babel user information
en-N This user has a native understanding of English.
jam-N Dis ya (oo)man a chat Patwa from 'im bawn.
es-2 Esta persona tiene un conocimiento intermedio del español.
nl-1 Deze gebruiker heeft elementaire kennis van het Nederlands.
pih-2 This user has intermediate knowledge of Norfuk / Pitkern.
is-1 Þessi notandi hefur grunnkunnáttu í íslensku máli.
1 This user has a basic level of project management skills (enough to coordinate activities with directions from others).
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Hello! My name is Jay, a contributor from Jamaica. I always allow myself to translate pages from English to Patois, and other languages. I am currently working at the Pitcairn Wikipedia, where I am translating, reverting vandalism, and doing admin stuff...however, I am not an admin. I've contributed to the Icelandic Wikipedia, among others. I am interested in improving Jamaican articles, and I look forward to making a good impact in Wikimedia Outreach. Nice meeting you all.