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Lesson Plan: Citations on Wikipedia
You can download and print the PDF version of the lesson plan by clicking on the thumbnail above.

Estimated time length[edit]

45 minutes

Learning objectives[edit]

Students will gain, reinforce, understand, or learn:

  • The importance of citations in expository writing
  • Basic research skills (how to find credible sources)
  • The knowledge of how a large online community works
  • How to collaborate with others worldwide in an online community

Step-by-step process[edit]

  1. Show students an article that is missing a citation and explain why it is important to have citations. (Make sure to explain that Wikipedia can be a credible source if it has citations).
  2. Do a brief lecture informing students of what credible or non-credible sources look like, using this link.
  3. Use CitationHunt to search for articles that need citations.
  4. Add citation to article.

Resources and tools[edit]