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My current project here is Wikipedian in Residence/Ladd Observatory

I am also a Bureaucrat and Custodian at en-wikiversity. See Wikiversity:User:Mu301

My other accounts are Mikeu and Mu301Bot (w/bot flag for en-wv and beta-wv)

My Freenode irc nick and cloak is mikeu@wikimedia/mu301


I have a personal blog called Fornax Chimiæ and I contribute to the Ladd Observatory blog. Both are primarily about the history of science and technology.

Bricks and Mortar[edit]

I am the Curator of the historic Ladd Observatory [1] and a Visiting Scholar at Brown University. My research focus is the history of science and technology, in particular late 19th century astronomy and horology.

Ladd Observatory with cherry trees in blossom


My friend Carl and I at the Vintage Computer Festival East 1.0, Marlborough, MA, 2001

In my spare time I contribute to computer history articles on Wikipedia and upload images to Commons:Category:Retro-Computing_Society_of_Rhode_Island.

In my spare time I play Spacewar! on a PDP-12