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A section from Hieronymus Bosch's The Garden of Earthly Delights.
This section from the left panel of Hieronymus Bosch's The Garden of Earthly Delights represents me.

I am Nihiltres, a Wikipedian. I've been around on Wikipedia since April 2005, and I've been an administrator there since a nomination in May 2007. I tend to be somewhat of a wikignome, but I do a variety of tasks, including deletion, resolving ambiguous links, template editing, copyediting, helping out users, screencasts, answering emails sent to Wikipedia, and more. I like to dabble. My pseudonym is arbitrary: it is Latin for "nothingthree" (nihil → "nothing", tres → "three") and does not imply anything whatsoever. I come from Montreal.

To contact me online, try one of the following: