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2013-11 Australia and New Zealand: Wikipedia Takes Waroona
2013-11 Australia and New Zealand: State Library of New South Wales: WWI edit-a-thon and batch upload
2013-11 Australia and New Zealand: SLNSW - Newcastle
2013-11 Australia and New Zealand: NLA - Australian Newspapers Plan
2013-11 Belgium: Wiki Loves Monuments in Belgium and Luxembourg
2013-11 France: Mass Uploads
2013-11 France: Wiki Loves Monuments
2013-11 France: Edit-a-thon at Rennes
2013-11 France: GLAM conference for professionals in Besançon
2013-11 Germany: MS Wissenschaft
2013-11 Germany: Science Gallery exhibition on Open Access
2013-11 Germany: Zugang gestalten
2013-11 Germany: Conference: Research on Wikipedia
2013-11 Germany: GLAM on Tour in Görlitz
2013-11 Germany: Annual conference of the Leibniz Association
2013-11 Germany: Workshop on user behavior
2013-11 Germany: Open Knowledge Festival 2014
2013-11 Italy: Beginner training course in Mantova
2013-11 Italy: WikiVEZ
2013-11 Italy: Second Bibliohackathon in Trento
2013-11 Italy: Library meeting
2013-11 Italy: Editathon
2013-11 Mexico: Day of the Dead photo contest winners
2013-11 Mexico: Wiki Loves Monuments 2013 award ceremony
2013-11 Netherlands: Edit-a-thon public library Amersfoort
2013-11 Netherlands: Wikipedia seminar, Oslo
2013-11 Netherlands: Wikimedia Nederland Conference
2013-11 Netherlands: Europeana Challenge
2013-11 Netherlands: Next year
2013-11 Spain: Wiki Loves Monuments
2013-11 Spain: 2764 pictures released by the archive of the Joaquín Díaz Foundation
2013-11 Spain: Wikiparty at University of Salamanca
2013-11 Sweden: MC Collections
2013-11 Sweden: Kulturarv i Fri Flyt in Norway
2013-11 Sweden: Shoe fashion
2013-11 Switzerland: Wiki Loves Monuments Awards Ceremony and Closing Event
2013-11 Switzerland: Wikimedians at the Swiss National Library
2013-11 Switzerland: Image Donation from the Central Library of Solothurn
2013-11 Switzerland: History of Alps / Alpine space
2013-11 UK: BBC Open Content
2013-11 UK: Mining for information
2013-11 UK: Scotland
2013-11 UK: Photography
2013-11 UK: Spotlight on the Digital
2013-11 UK: Veterinary Science editathon
2013-11 UK: Future events
2013-11 USA: Recent Activities in Philadelphia
2013-11 USA: Edit-a-thon at Vancouver Community Library in Vancouver, Washington
2013-11 USA: GLAM-Wiki Activities in New York City
2013-11 Open Access: 10th anniversary of the Berlin Declaration on Open Access
2013-11 Open Access: Stats
2013-11 Open Access: Open Access Media Importer
2013-11 Open Access: Open Access File of the Day