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Sandra Fauconnier
Photo by Sebastiaan ter Burg, CC BY 2.0
Sandra Fauconnier
Care and redundancy is the only path to longevity. –

About me

In my volunteer capacity, I edit Wikimedia projects with the username Spinster. I started contributing to English Wikipedia in 2003. After a hiatus (starting a family), I also became an active Commons editor, was a board member and volunteer for Wikimedia Nederland, and I have been enthusiastically contributing to Wikidata for many years now.

I'm a Belgian citizen, but I live and work in the Netherlands. I have an MA in art history from Ghent University, and have worked on quite a few internet and video projects in the Dutch cultural sector.

My non-Wikimedia interests include cycling, walking/hiking, reading (focus on science fiction and nonfiction), museum visits and other cultural activities. I love learning new things!

My work

I use this account since March 2020, for paid editing and other paid Wikimedia-related freelance work that's not under direct employment of the Wikimedia Foundation. You can find a history of my previous paid editing here.

Contact me

  • On my talk pages
  • Personal e-mail address: sandra.fauconnier(_AT_)
  • Twitter: @sanseveria
  • I'm also pretty active on Telegram, where you can approach me in the most active GLAM-Wiki and Wikidata-related groups.
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