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Sandra Fauconnier
Sandra Fauconnier
Care and redundancy is the only path to longevity. –

About me

In my volunteer capacity, I edit Wikimedia projects with the username Spinster. I started contributing to English Wikipedia in 2003. After a hiatus (starting a family), I also became an active Commons editor, was a board member and volunteer for Wikimedia Nederland, and I have been enthusiastically contributing to Wikidata for many years now. I'm a member of OpenRefine's steering committee.

I'm a Belgian citizen, but I live and work in the Netherlands. I have a Master of Arts in art history from Ghent University, and have worked on various internet and video projects in the Dutch cultural sector.

In my free time, when I'm not editing Wikidata or another Wikimedia project, I like to explore cities, cycle around the Dutch countryside, look at weird contemporary art, or chase snails away from my balcony garden.

My work

I use this account since March 2020, for paid editing and other paid Wikimedia-related freelance work that's not under direct employment of the Wikimedia Foundation. A history of my previous paid editing:

Contact me

  • On my talk pages
  • Personal e-mail address: sandra.fauconnier(_AT_)
  • Twitter: @sanseveria
  • I'm also pretty active on Telegram and Facebook, where you can approach me in the most active GLAM-Wiki and Wikidata-related groups.
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