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Wikimedia Phabricator is an open-source tool can be used by teams for organizing the project activities, bug triage and feature requests. Program leaders who have some technical experience with tools like BugZilla, Gerrit, Mingle and Trello can take advantage of Phabricator for their projects and programs.

How to use Phabricator

  • Creating your account
  • Creating a task
  • Learn to use Phabricator. Play and test in our Labs instance as much as you want. Check out the documentation and short videos on Phabricator/Help.
  • For Phabricator support and camaraderie, join irc>.
  • If you have questions, check the Help page. Your questions are very welcome.
  • Report bugs and feature-requests in the Phabricator software itself in the Phabricator project. See the Wikimedia Phabricator bug workflow for more details.
  • Check the Education Collaborative Phabricator tasks.