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The Education Collab has evolved into a user group. Lend your support on the Wikipedia & Education Meta page.
What is Education Collaboration?

The Wikipedia Education Collaborative (or Collab) is a network of international education program leaders who volunteer to share their expertise and experience to support other education programs in achieving their goals. Collaborative members mentor interested volunteers around the world who wish to do educational outreach or pilot an education program. The Collaborative informs, supports and recognizes Wikimedia education initiatives and programs throughout the Wikimedia movement. Collaborative members also represent Wikimedia education initiatives to the wider Wikimedia community and to the education community.

We believe that Wikipedia belongs in education!


  • Establish best practices for Wikipedia in education programs.
  • Collect new ideas for educational initiatives.
  • Share resources between global programs.
  • Develop a global recognition system.
  • Communicate effectively about experiences, tools and resources.

Meet the community of Collab leaders here.
Phabricator for Educators
Phabricator is a great tool for managing your projects, reporting bug and requesting for features. This could be come handy for Collab leaders for their work.
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Recent events

Regular updates of the in-person and online meetings here.