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Evelin Heidel (Scann)
Senior Project Manager, Wikimedistas de Uruguay
¡Hola a todos/as!

Evelin Heidel

About me

I have a Bachelor's degree in Literature (University of Buenos Aires). While I was studying, with a group of friends at my university we put together a shadow library that got us a cease & desist letter for copyright infringement, and this is how I ended up in the world of copyright, free culture, and overall digital culture. This is the world where I grew up as a professional.

Currently I'm writing my Master thesis for the Masters of Law & Economics of Climate Change (FLACSO Argentina).

About my work

Currently I'm in charge of implementing the programs and projects of Wikimedistas de Uruguay, and of creating a strategy that supports our work.

If you are interested in looking my contributions as a volunteer, you can check me on Scann.

Get in touch

You can leave me a message on my talk page or drop me an email at eheidel [@]