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Great article Minal! I think it is a great topic to choose. Thr sentences taht you have used are very simple and easy to understand. I think you could have given in more details about the personal details of the scholars. You could also have added pictures. It is very nice to see that you have choosed yo write on scholars from karnataka,very few people do this. Keep up all the effort n good work. Priyanka S

I think you have done a great job on your article! It is very informative, as it tells us about the scholars from Karnataka who have received the Gnanapeet award. It makes for a very interesting read. I appreciate how your sentences are simple and easy to read, and your choice of words makes it very enjoyable as well.

There are some ways through which you can improve your article though. I feel like you could have added a couple of pictures, of the scholars you have written about. This would have livened up your article. You could have also given some additional information about the books that they have written, and added some Inter-Wiki links to your article as well. Besides that, you could have elaborated on some of the personal details of the authors that you have mentioned, for example, their hometown, other books they have written, their careers etc.

A good conclusion to the article, and a couple of references would have made your article much better than it already is. That being said, I think you have made a great effort in writing this article, so keep up the good work!

- Neesha Thunga K hello minal,the topic which you have choosen is innovative.gud job ,very easy to understand and nice article about scholars from Karnataka,implement your information about the details of the scholars and add more pictures.nice thought all the best Template:CUWEP --Saisaranya99 (talk) 16:18, 15 January 2016 (UTC)Reply

It was a very interesting and informative article Minal. The sentence construction was simple and easy to understand. Although, I do have a few tips which could have made the article even better - Since all the awardees are from Karnataka, you could've have given a background about each one them including their personal life. Instead of just mentioning their works, a little explanation about them would have been nice. External links would have helped those people who wanted to know more about the topic. Overall, it was a good job.

- Anjana.s95 Template:CUEP