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Subject Grade
English "7- The learner demonstrates communicative competence through his/ her understanding of Philippine Literature and other texts types for a deeper appreciation of Philippine Culture."
Math "7 The learner demonstrates understanding of key concepts and principles of numbers and number sense (sets and real number system); measurement (conversion of units of measurement);patterns and algebra (algebraic expressions and properties of real numbers as applied in linear equations and

inequalities in one variable); geometry (sides and angles of polygons); and statistics and probability (data collection and presentation, and measures of central tendency and variability) as applied - using appropriate technology - in critical thinking, problem solving, reasoning, communicating, making connections, representations, and decisions in real life."

Science "7- At the end of Grade 7, learners can distinguish mixtures from substances through semi-guided investigations. They realize the importance of air

testing when conducting investigations. After studying how organ systems work together in plants and animals in the lower grade levels, learners can use a microscope when observing very small organisms and structures. They recognize that living things are organized into different levels: Cells, tissues, organs, organ systems, and organisms. These organisms comprise populations and communities, which interact with non-living things in ecosystems.bLearners can describe the motion of objects in terms of distance and speed, and represent this in tables, graphs, charts, and equations. They can describe how various forms of energy travel through different mediums. Learners describe what makes up the Philippines as a whole and the resources found in the archipelago. They can explain the occurrence of breezes, monsoons, and ITCZ, and how these weather systems affect people. They can explain why seasons change and demonstrate how eclipses occur."

Music and Arts "7- Philippine Folk Music and Arts: The learner demonstrates basic understanding of the fundamental processes in music and the arts through performing, creating, listening and observing, and responding towards appreciation of the cultural richness of the different provinces in the Philippines."
Physical Education 7- Physical Fitness, Games and Sports, and Rhythms and Dance:The learner demonstrates understanding of personal fitness in achieving an active lifestyle.
Health "7-The learner demonstrates an understanding of growth and development; nutrition; personal health and injury prevention, safety and first aid to achieve, sustain, and promote personal health and wellness."