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Hello Sanath . your article on the topic gravity is very interesting. Overall it is a very good article, very informative and I appreciate your choice of images and subtopics and the depth of physics you have highlighted in your article. keep up the good work .

You have provided wikipedia with a very good article on Gravity. It is easy to read and understand. If you could add some more information on modern theories about gravity it would be wonderful.Overall a very well written article. Thank you.

hello sanath,the tpic your selected for article is interesting ,good.very innovative and I like the word in Sanskrit in gravity and why you didn't a create a page in this website? why you added link?.anyway nice article.good effort.i recommend add more images and links and implement your information.hoping more articles from you,thank you, all the best. Template:CUWEP--Saisaranya99 (talk) 16:11, 15 January 2016 (UTC)Reply