Using Wikipedia as a teaching tool in higher education (Bookshelf)/Week 11

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Ask your students to prepare an in-class presentation about their work


I suggest renaming this to "Have your students present their work in class" to clarify that this week is when they should be presenting, not when they should start preparing said presentation. --Ldavis

At this point in the course, the students should be ready to present what they've done on Wikipedia. Using the history tab, they will be able to show the stages of revisions their article went through as they began working on it until its current iteration. Students should show not only what they've done to the article, but what they learned about Wikipedia in the process. Ask them to explain their interactions (good and bad) with the existing editing community, fellow coursework editors, and the peer review process as a whole. How was working in an open, transparent medium different from writing a traditional research paper? What did students like and dislike about working on Wikipedia? What did they learn, aside from the facts they researched for their articles? Students should answer these questions while presenting their work to the class.