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This is an assignment created by Jane023 (talk · contribs) that gives orientation and references to create an image or file that is necessary for Wikipedia or for some Free Knowledge project.

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w:en:Gijsbert Claesz van Campen Commons:Category:Ghijsbert Claesz. van Campen

my own poor attempt at a reconstruction - pasting two pictures together
  • Scope: Art history , Painting by Frans Hals that has been cut down into at least three separate paintings
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Assignment: Alternative version of Portrait of the family of Gijsbert van Campen


The art historian made a reconstruction including a small strip added between the two painting halfs and including another young girl (face about where the church is) and the skirt behind the goats head dropping to the ground. On the right, another strip was added with 4 more children, including the fragment of the boy (see the picture in the Commons category). The reconstruction was based on the original dimensions and also recent research on the family listing all of the children. The point of the assignment is to give an artist's impression of what the painting may have looked like in the 17th century.


Sources and references

See also the work by Claus Grimm and Seymour Slive about this painting in their catalogs of Frans Hals paintings.


If you create the illustration on paper:

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If you create a vector graphic (preferable), use the standard SVG format.

Image display guidelines:

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Keep in mind the approximate display dimensions to ensure that the illustration has an appropriate level of detail for its publication context.

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