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This is an assignment created by that gives orientation and references to create an image or file that is necessary for Wikipedia or for some Free Knowledge project.
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Assignment: Scientific Illustration of Chapalmalania


Extinct mammal whose fossils have been found in South America .

Following an encyclopedic approach, create a scientific illustration of a Chapalmalania that shows the animal's morphological characteristics.


The illustration should show the entire body of Chapalmalania, a genus of mammal that lived during the Pliocene Epoch.

Chapalmalania resembled a modern-day bear or panda, although its closest living relative is the raccoon.

Because Chapalmalania's living relatives are quite different morphologically, no modern-day animals can be used as a reference.

It should be possible to create a good illustration of Chapalmalania by referring to existing illustrations and morphological information about the animal.

A subject-specific adviser will be available to clear up doubts or questions and to help you find reference publications.

Sources and references

Illustrations, diagrams and explanations in scientific or popular publications.

Morphological information

Reference images by content

See as references: Image 1, Image 2, Image 3.

Reference images by style

Click on the following link to see examples of scientific illustrations already used on Wikipedia:


If you create the illustration on paper:

  • Recommended minimum size: DIN A5 (landscape, horizontal). Photographs of illustrations must be studio photographs. Scans of illustrations must be high-quality, sharp and high-resolution.
  • Digitized PNG files must not be compressed.

If you create the illustration as a bitmap:

  • Approximate minimum size of the file to be published: 1800 x 1270 pixels (more than 2 Mpx). Approximate recommended size: 2500 x 1764 (more than 4 Mpx). More is better.
  • Maximum file size: 100 MB.

If you create a vector graphic (preferable), use the standard SVG format.

Image display guidelines:

  • Approximate image display dimensions on description page: 718 x 500 pixels.
  • Approximate image display dimensions in a Wikipedia article: 500 x 348 pixels.

Keep in mind the approximate display dimensions to ensure that the illustration has an appropriate level of detail for its publication context.

Potential advisers

Experts or knowers of this knowledge area that are available to guide the graphic creator, oversees the process of creation and supervise the image before to publish.

  • Alistair Ian Spearing Ortiz,  ( · ), scientific translator and Wikipedian actively involved in WikiProject Mammals in Catalan Wikipedia.