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Assignment: 3D animation of the Zanclean flood of the Mediterranean


There is scientific evidence suggesting that the Mediterranean was once desiccated and that it may have been refilled with Atlantic waters in the largest flooding event we know of. This happened 5.3 million years ago and is registered in the sedimentary record of the sea floor in the Gibraltar Strait. This assignment aims at producing a 3D animation that conveys the spectacular scale of that event. The short animation should show the water flowing through the strait, descending towards the dry Mediterranean. It may incorporate some hominid spectators, since w:en:Sahelanthropus tchadensis was already walking areas in Africa that were relatively nearby.


Below i attach some examples. The flood took place from an Atlantic ocean similar to the present one towards a Mediterranean that was lowered by about 1000m. Because of the erosion of the ground produced by the incoming water, the gate became deep enough as to allow a huge amount of flow to come in: about 1000 times the present water flow of the Amazon River. The perspective should be dynamic: I suggest gradually moving the camera away from the Gibraltar Rock towards outer space, so that the size of the massive inflow can be perceived. As you can see in the links below, even commercial films are very poor in terms of displaying the largest flood on Earth.

Sources and references

BBC documentary:

w:en:Zanclean flood, w:en:Messinian salinity crisis

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