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Getting started

So you want to start an education program.

Congratulations! You're joining hundreds of educators and Wikimedians who believe a positive relationship between Wikipedia and education is possible. There are nearly as many ideas of how to combine Wikipedia and education as there are people involved in the Wikipedia Education Program, so if you're overwhelmed by the amount of options, don't be! Wikipedia in education is pretty big.

The Wikipedia Education Program's goal is to add diverse, high-quality content to Wikipedia by asking students to contribute content as part of their coursework.

This training will help you figure out how to start a branch of the Wikipedia Education Program in your location. You have many options — you can work with universities or high schools; you can work through formal partnerships with governments or institutions or with individual teachers; you can have students write original content, translate articles from a language they're studying, or contribute media files to illustrate articles.

The first step you'll need to take is to answer the question:

What do I want to accomplish?

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