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More about Instructors


Getting good instructors on board for you pilot is pivotal to your success. If the instructor you're working with doesn't fully support the program or doesn't see the value for his or her students, your pilot is likely to fail.

Depending on how the educational institutions work in your country, this can be challenging. In some countries, instructors have no control over their course curriculum; deans or other administrative decision-makers dictate assignments students must complete. If your country has this structure, tread carefully, and be sure you give all instructors the option to do the assignment or not.

Instructors are ultimately responsible for the student learning in their classrooms, so they will be the one with final sign-off on a Wikipedia assignment. While you and Ambassadors can make suggestions about course design, ultimately it is the instructor's duty to ensure the assignment meets course goals. Instructors are also the first point of contact for students; even with Ambassadors or other help resources, students will often go to the instructor first out of habit.

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