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Pluses and deltas


Many in-person workshops end with a "pluses and deltas" activity. In this activity, each participant is given post-it notes, and they are supposed to write things they liked ("pluses") and things that they'd like to see different next time ("deltas", from the Greek letter delta, which signifies change in mathematics). If you have the ability to do some sort of celebration conference with your participants, try doing this exercise with them. If not, just do it yourself.

In picking pluses, the key is to identify things that worked well with your pilot. What happened that worked well and would be good to see repeated? What would you not change in a second edition of your Wikipedia Education Program?

In picking deltas, the key is to identify things you would do differently next time. These should not be framed as complaints, but instead ideas for improvement. So instead of saying "the student training was bad", they should say things like "the student training should have more coverage of sourcing", for example.

Once you have a great list of pluses and deltas from your pilot program, consider writing a blog post or other document outlining your successes and learning points from your pilot, so that others can follow what you've done.

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