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Recruiting Ambassadors


Where do you find good Ambassadors?

Online Ambassadors

Finding good Online Ambassadors can be a challenge. But think about your language Wikipedia's current mentoring structure. Is there an adopt-a-user program? Something like the Teahouse, a central, friendly place for newbies to ask question? Where do newbies on your language Wikipedia get the most help? Reaching out to the editors who already provide assistance to newbies can be a great way to recruit Online Ambassadors. You can also reach out individually to good editors who work in the same subject area as your classes; many Wikipedians will be willing to help students and instructors to improve their areas of interest. For small wikis, you might also want to post a message to the Village Pump or other central discussion area to recruit interested editors.

Campus Ambassadors

Look to the current on-campus help structure to find the best Campus Ambassadors. Where do students already go for help on campus? The library? Teaching assistants? Where do instructors already go for help in assignment design? Is there some sort of teaching and learning staff? These people make great Campus Ambassadors. You can also reach out to local Wikipedians, either through a meet-up, a geonotice targeting a specific city, or through a chapter in the area.

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