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What does success look like?


Before you start thinking about the specifics of how you will accomplish the scope you set out in the last module, it's important to make a specific plan for how you will measure success.

For your pilot, there will be more specific goals (based on the scope you've now defined, such as a certain number of bytes added), but you'll also want to consider broader measures of success, such as Does your model work? or How many instructors would participate in the program again?

It's unrealistic to expect that every student will contribute brilliant work to Wikipedia. It's unrealistic to expect every student will add content to Wikipedia, or even create a user account. Some instructors will plan on using it in their classroom, but will find it too challenging or time-consuming to do so and abandon the assignment mid-term. That's okay, and that's expected. That's why you should determine what success will look like for you upfront, and keep your expectations modest. We've generally found about a quarter of all students enrolled in classes never contribute to the article namespace for one reason or another.

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