Wikipedia Ambassador Principles

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This page is intended as a prototype. Ambassadors for different language versions of Wikipedia or other Wikimedia projects may wish to use these principles as a guideline for developing their own versions.

1. Always be friendly


As a Wikipedia Ambassador you are the first point of contact for new contributors. The way you treat them will shape their view of Wikipedia. Respect and be polite to the people you are trying to help. Act in good faith and assume good faith on the part of the people you are dealing with.

Be visible and responsive to newcomers, giving them permission and ample opportunity to seek guidance. Encourage others to give positive and constructive feedback, and model constructive feedback in your own interactions. Facilitate open and honest communication oriented toward a positive result. Be patient with people who have varying levels of computer literacy.

2. Exude passion toward Wikipedia


Infect new contributors with your enthusiasm. Talk about Wikimedia's vision: "Imagine a world in which every single human being can freely share in the sum of all knowledge." And cultivate familiarity with Wikipedia's core policies, especially the five pillars. Be responsible to the wider community and its values, and help new contributors do the same.

3. Act as an advocate for new contributors


Be mindful that new contributors often need help advocating for their needs; they are in an unfamiliar environment and lack knowledge of both specific processes and community norms. Find ways to speak up on their behalf when they clash with longer-term community members and other stakeholders. Give them space to grow in the project.

4. Communicate in a clear and understandable way


Be present in all conversations. Translate complex concepts into forms your audience can easily grasp. Take time to listen openly to what is being said and not said without having an agenda. It's okay to be human.

Use jargon and acronyms sparingly and with an appropriate level of explanation.

5. Listen and share openly


The Wikipedia Ambassador program ultimately belongs to YOU, the Ambassadors. You are the leaders and the driving force behind this program. Take charge, speak up about what's working and what's not, get creative, and be bold and proactive in sharing your ideas with the group! At the same time, give your fellow Ambassadors sufficient space to do the same; listen sincerely and remain open to different ideas.

6. Have fun!


Your biggest asset is that you enjoy Wikipedia! Have fun, and seize opportunities to express your enjoyment. And if something you're doing isn't fun, speak up! Somebody will be happy to help you out.

Allow yourself to think outside the box. Reflect on what's working, change the things that are not working and experiment with new ways of doing.

And be aware of your own development through the program. Choose tasks that match your abilities, or abilities you are seeking to develop. We're all learning together!