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This Bookshelf single paper will contain the most requested and most useful wiki-markup codes. It is a continuation of the original Cheat sheet that Elian created in 2005. This version will be more comprehensive, full paper size and double sided. Feel free to add stuff you think should be on here or edit it like any wiki page.

This cheat sheet is soon to be produced as a printed product. That's why it is locked. You can still suggest changes on the talk page.

Content development


Page 1: "Wikipedia markup reference"




To change a Wikipedia article, click Edit, make your edits, and then click Save page. Done! If you have more information to add or need to correct a mistake, make another edit. All previous versions of an article are saved under View history.

Most of the text will be normal, but there are exceptions. This cbeat sheet will help you with the rest. Some features can be accessed in the toolbar above the edit box.



Description - What you type - What you get

  • First level header - ==Heading Text== - [insert image]
  • Second level header - ===Heading Text=== - [insert image]
  • Third level header - ====Heading Text==== - [insert image]



Description - What you type - What you get

  • Italic - ''italic text'' - italic text
  • Bold - '''bold text''' - bold text
  • Stricken text - <s>stricken text</s> - stricken text
  • Superscript - <sup>Superscript</sup> - Superscript

Description - What you type - What you get

  • Link to another Wikipedia article (Internal link) - [[William Shakespeare]] - [insert image]
  • Link with another displayed title - [[William Shakespeare|Shakespeare]] - [insert image]
  • Link to subsection of article - [[William Shakespeare#Plays|Shakespeare's plays]] - [insert image]
  • Link outside Wikipedia (External link) - [ Whitehouse website] - [insert image]
  • Placing article in category - [[Category:English poets]] - [insert image]
  • Link to category without putting the article in the category - [[:Category:English poets]] - [insert image]



Description - What you type - What you get

  • Image with caption - [[File:Example.png|Caption text]] - [insert image]
  • Image of specified width - [[File:Example.png|45px|Caption text]] - [insert image]
  • Sound or film with caption- [[File:Example.ogg|Caption text]] - [insert image]
  • Thumbnail image with caption - [[File:Example.png|thumb|Caption text]] - [insert image]
  • Link to picture without showing it - [[:File:Shakespeare.jpg]] - [insert image]
  • Using image or other file as link - [[File:Example.png|link=Name of page|Caption text]] - [insert image]
  • Adding a image gallery - [insert image]

File:Example.png|Caption text
File:Example2.png|Caption text

Page 2: "Wikipedia markup reference"




Description - What you type - What you get

  • Reference - <ref name="Hamlet">William Shakespeare: ''Hamlet'', First Quarto, (1603)</ref> - [insert image]
    • Using the same reference a second time - <ref name="Hamlet" /> - [insert image]
  • Display references - <references/> - [insert image]
    • If there are many references, write {{reflist}} instead of <references />. This gives a two column reference list in smaller font size.

By clicking "Cite" in the edit toolbar, you reach some tools that make it easier to add references. [insert this image ]

Styling the article or talk page


Description - What you type - What you get

  • Bullet list -

* Bullet list - [insert image]
** Bullet list

  • Numbered list -

# List item - [insert image]
## List item

  • Your signature (for Discussion pages only) - ~~~~ - [insert image]
  • Indented text - : - [insert image]
    More indentation :: - [insert image]
  • Turn off wiki-formatting - <nowiki></nowiki> - Shows the code you write on the page.
  • Add table of content at this point - __TOC__(Two underscores in a row.) - Table of contents are created automatically with more than four headers. This code lets you place the table of content.
  • Remove table of contents from article - __NOTOC__
  • Non-breaking spaces - &nbsp; Prevents for example a number and a unit (kg) to be placed on separate lines.
  • Block quotes - <blockquote>...</blockquote> - [insert image]



To automatically insert a table, click or (Insert a table) on the edit toolbar. You can also create tables yourself, like this:

{|    (start of table)
|-     (starting a vertical row)
|      (starting a cell)     ||     (starting second cell)     ||    (starting third cell)
|}    (end of table)

To change the table, you can add styles. Adding them after:

  • {| (changes whole table)
  • |- (changes that row)
  • || (changes that cell)

style=width:50% - makes the table half as wide as the screen
class="wikitable" - gives the table frames
class="wikitable sortable" - makes the columns sortable
style="text-align: center" - centers the text in the table
class="wikitable collapsible" - enables the table to "collapse", i.e. hide the content
class="wikitable collapsible collapsed" - starts with the table collapsed
style="float" - lets the table float with the text, like an image does

You can have several styles. Add them on the same line and divide them with a semicolon (;).

Adding 'colspan="2"' in a cell (after the | sign), makes the cell 2 columns wide, while adding 'rowspan="2"' on a cell makes the cell 2 rows high.

Common formatting questions


Description - What you have typed - How to fix it

  • The text is in a dashed box and has no line breaks - Space before first character on a line- Remove space
  • There is no line break between paragraphs - You have no blank line between paragraphs - Add another "return" between paragraphs
  • There is no link - One or more brackets are missing - Add brackets around the linked word until there are two on either side
  • The references do not show - The <references /> tag is missing - Place your cursor in the References section and click on the <references /> link

Find help


You can find more formatting tips by typing "Help:Markup" in the search box.