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Week 3: Tips for selecting articles

Not such a good choice
Articles that are "not such a good choice" usually involve factors such as a lack of appropriate research material, highly controversial topics that may be well developed, broad subjects or topics with little notability.

  • Trying to improve articles on very broad topics (e.g. Law)
  • Trying to improve articles on topics that are highly controversial (e.g. Global Warming, Abortion, Scientology, etc.) Your students may be more successful starting a sub-article on the topic instead.
  • Working on articles that are already of high quality on Wikipedia
  • Working on something only sparsely covered by literature. Wikipedia articles cite secondary literature sources, so it is important that students have enough sources to provide a neutral point of view and be verifiable.
  • Starting articles with titles that imply an essay-like approach (e.g. The Effects That The Recent Sub-Prime Mortgage Crisis has had on the US and Global Economics). These type of titles, and most likely the content too, may not be appropriate for an encyclopedia.

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