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This document is meant to provide some guidelines for planning and running Wikipedia Campus Ambassador trainings around the world. To maintain consistency and uphold standards, there are core elements of the training that must be included in all Campus Ambassador trainings; these are outlined below. A training that does not meet these guidelines does not qualify as an official Campus Ambassador training. As long as these guidelines and standards are followed, however, we are open to different formats for running the training. In fact, we support and encourage creativity and adaptions to make the training fit local contexts and the specific needs of the training participants. We would also love to hear about ideas for improving the training. If you have creative ideas about how to make the training more fun, more engaging, more effective, more efficient, or just better in general, please add them to the "Ideas for Training" section below!


Training teachers, not advanced editors[edit]

The core objective of the Wikipedia Campus Ambassador training is to train Campus Ambassadors how to teach others about Wikipedia-editing, NOT to train Campus Ambassadors themselves on advanced Wikipedia-editing skills. Of course, solid understanding of the basics of Wikipedia-editing is crucial for being a Campus Ambassador, but Campus Ambassadors are not expected to know the nitty-gritty advanced Wikipedia-editing skills and complicated Wikipedia policies, because the professors and students whom Campus Ambassadors support will not need to know these skills/policies in most cases.

As such:

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Trainings that have already taken place[edit]

Ideas for Training[edit]