Wikipedia Education Program/MENA/CA Training

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Time & location: January 17-18, 10 AM - 4 PM; location to be confirmed

  • Topics:
    • Expectations of workshop
    • Questions & concerns about Wikipedia
    • Joining Wikipedia
    • Editing as a user vs. anonymously
    • (Create note-taking page with group)
      • Ask Campus Ambassadors to take notes on that page collaboratively for the rest of the training
    • Creating a new article, not creating duplicates of existing articles
    • How to choose a good subject to edit
    • Interacting with the community
    • Recent changes & watchlists
    • Where to find policies & procedures
    • Neutral point of view, verifiability, what Wikipedia is & is not, copyright/plagiarism
    • Writing style
    • Model of a good article on the Arabic Wikipedia
    • Uploading images (through Wikimedia Commons)
    • The local community, meetups
    • Presentation skills!
      • For example: don't scroll too fast
      • Interactive
      • Discussions rather than just lecturing