Wikipedia Education Program/MENA/Faculty Workshop

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January 15th at Ain Shams University, 9 AM - 3 PM, plus optional section 3-4 PM

Wikipedia Education Program: Overview (9:00 - 9:30 AM) - Frank & Annie[edit]

  • Wikipedia Education Program overview
  • Why Wikipedia in the classroom?
  • Basic timeline & plans
  • Role descriptions & Where to get help
  • Goals of the pilot and measures of success
  • Requirements and logistics

About the Arabic Wikipedia (9:30 - 11:30 AM) - Mohamed & Ahmad[edit]

NOTE:  Ahmad & Mohamed, please feel free to design/lead this section how you would like, as long as it effectively teaches the professors about core, fundamental information about the Arabic Wikipedia.

  • Topics to cover (the bolded ones are the most important ones):
    • Writing style (Wikipedia vs. scientific paper)
    • Model of Wikipedia as model for accumulating knowledge
      • Open content, free licenses
    • Citations / verifiability
      • Plagiarism & copyright
      • Knowledge needs to be referred to rather than just copied
    • Neutral point of view
    • Articles will change, collaboration, consensus
      • Permanent links
    • Structure of an Article
      • Models of a good articles vs. bad articles
    • It's possible to add non-text content too (for example: images, videos, diagrams, formulas)
    • Watchlists & recent changes
    • How to communicate on Wikipedia
    • Sister projects (especially Wikimedia Commons)
  • Method:
    • Interactive, showing things on screen, hands-on

Syllabus & Assignment Design (11:30 AM - 3:00 PM) - Rochelle[edit]

NOTE:  Rochelle, please feel free to design/lead this section how you would like, as long as it effectively teaches the professors about how to design a good Wikipedia assignment and how to incorporate it into their class syllabus. The participants will need to eat lunch sometime during this period (lunch will take place in the school cafeteria), but you can feel free to make it a working lunch if you would like.
Suggestions of important topics to cover:

  • Example syllabi
  • Learning objectives for a Wikipedia assignment
  • Tips & learning points on assignment design
  • How to grade students' work
  • Hands-on work on designing the Wikipedia assignment

(Optional) Continued Guidance on Syllabus & Assignment Design (3:00 - 4:00 PM) - Rochelle[edit]

Many professors cannot stay after 3 PM, but some will probably be able to. I propose that we use the 3-4 PM hour to provide further support and personalized advice for professors who still have questions about how to incorporate Wikipedia into their syllabus.'