Wikipedia Education Program – Metrics for evaluation

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Ideally, all these things could be tracked consistently over time.


  • Number of students involved
  • Number of faculty involved
  • Number of staff/librarians involved
  • Number of ambassadors
  • Number of universities involved
  • Number of classrooms involved
  • Number of student clubs
  • Number of staff driven initiatives
  • Number of active editors in language project
  • Number of administrators in language project (shared load?)


  • F:M ratio of students involved
  • Number of languages covered by universities
  • Number of countries involved
  • New editors by nationality
  • New editors by gender
  • New editors by language
  • Number of editors who are from the Global South

Content creation

  • Number of articles edited
  • Number of new articles created
  • Number of bytes created
  • Number of pictures uploaded on Wikimedia Commons
  • Impact on other projects (e.g., Wikiversity; Wiktionary)
  • Number of new tools developed (e.g., by a student club)
  • Number of new course curriculum developed

Quality impact

  • Improvement of quality scores of articles updated in classes
  • Number of page views of articles edited by class
  • Number of active

Reach impact

  • Number of total page views by language and country


  • Number of workshops hosted
    • Number of attendees at workshops
  • Number of events hosted
    • Number of attendees at events
  • Number of lectures hosted
    • Number of attendees at lectures
  • Money raised by groups