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The Wikipedia Teaching Fellow title is given to professors who are integrating Wikipedia into their higher education curriculum according to the standards of the Requirements for Course Design. Professors who structure a course according to the requirements, which are based on the experience of several professors who have incorporated Wikipedia into their classrooms in the past, are awarded the title of Wikipedia Teaching Fellow for the duration of that course.

2011 Fellows


Cindy Allen, James Madison University
Johannes Bauer, Michigan State University
Brian Carver, University of California, Berkeley
Christopher Cooper, Western Carolina University
Rochelle Davis, Georgetown University
Carol Dwyer, Syracuse University
Marlene Fine, Simmons College
Aaron Frank, University of San Francisco
Sheldon Gen, San Francisco State University
Adel Iskandar, Georgetown University
Robert Mann, Louisiana State University
George Mitchell, Syracuse University
Jonathan Obar, Michigan State University
Maria Papadakis, James Madison University
Byron Price, Texas Southern University
Ken Richards, Indiana University
Ellen Rosell, Troy University
Kristin Ruppel, Montana State University
Anh Tran, Indiana University
David Weil, Boston University
Zach McDowell, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Edward Erikson, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Tess Marchant-Shapiro, Southern Connecticut State
Piotr Konieczny, University of Pittsburgh
Michael Mandiberg, College of Staten Island
Jeanine Turner, Georgetown
Adel Iskandar, Georgetown
Diane Apostolos-Cappadona
Chad Tew, University of Southern Indiana
Candace Timpte, Georgia Gwinnett College
Greta Munger, Davidson College
Mitch Harden, St. Charles Community College
Rachel Kleit, University of Washington
Martha Johnson, Mills College

2012 Teaching Fellows


Zachary McDowell, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Lisa Lu, Roosevelt University
Chad Tew, University of Southern Indiana