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Are you interested in attending Wikimania 2011 and presenting on Wikipedia's use in higher education? Please join us to discuss your submissions here! Not all submissions to Wikimania are accepted, so we want to join forces and put out the best submissions possible. Remember, submissions must be made on the Wikimania site to be official; this page is merely for coordinating our efforts.

Wikimania 2011 Ambassador Program Integrated Presentation Brainstorm

List of Sub-Presentations (Unordered)

Presentations planned for submission

  • Quantifying Content Quality in Wikipedia, assessing article quality with the Initiative and Content Improvement through the Initiative (a quantitative analysis showing the impact of student work on public policy content) - Amy and Sage will present possibly have an assessor co-presenter, anyone interested?
  • The Initiative behind the Initiative, the structure and function of the Initiative model (number of classes, students, ambassadors and how it all worked together) - Annie and Sage present, anyone interested in co-presenting?
  • Lessons learned about Wikipedia in Education (what worked and didn't work in the classrooms, and some success stories) - Annie presenting, anyone interested in co-presenting?
    • I could co-present on this topic we have made drastic changes to our syllabus this past semester and could really get some help on how to bring the community (chemistry specifically) to not fight us so much. MichChemGSI (talk) 02:33, 22 April 2011 (UTC)[reply]
  • Administering ambassador programs, how to develop interest and create volunteer groups to support the program-User:Sadads Possibly includes the following:
    • who and what the Ambassadors are, the roles of CAs vs. OAs - anyone interesting in presenting?
    • the ambassador experience, ambassador motivations: why they volunteer to do this, what is rewarding and what is hard - based on Ambassador survey data
  • "Wikipedia as a LMS"

Ideas for other presentations not currently planned

Some of these topics may be rolled into existing topics. If you decide to do that please cut and paste the topic and put it under your main topic

  • the potential for Ambassadors to impact Wikipedia culture, the type of people drawn to the Ambassador program are the Wikipedians who will help drive the community culture shift to welcome new editors, (this idea relates to the Editor Trends Study, and problem of swiftly declining numbers of new editors) - anyone interesting in presenting?
  • the powerful impact the Ambassadors have on content, a collection of success stories from the mentors - anyone interesting in presenting?
  • the problem of discouragement in mentoring programs and what we can do to keep ambassadors/mentors rejuvenated and make sure they get positive feedback for their work (Maybe this should be tied into the experience presentation?)
  • the professor experience/perspective on the program -

Wikipedia as Learning Management Software

Official Submission Why use Wikipedia as a LMS?

  • The original idea - remove the boundary between working for the class and working on wikipedia
    • ignore all rules
  • Some other benefits
    • standardization amongst universities
  • Case Study PoP 2011
    • What went well
      • natural crossover
      • article and response
    • What didn’t
      • student tracking
      • private communication
  • Ideology - Should Wikipedia be used as an LMS?
    • Could this be summed as a cost/benefit analysis?
    • Should Wikipedia be developed to be a better LMS?

The Impact of the Public Policy Initiative in Numbers and Stories

Wikipedia Goes to School