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Imperial College London Business School

Welcome to Wikipedians at Imperial College. We are a group of Imperial students involved in the first UK Wikipedia student society, founded March 2011.

Our Aim

We aim to add to content throughout Wikipedia via editing groups, where students explore academic or personal interests while developing their knowledge, team working and writing skills

Our Vision
  • Regular edit group meetups to share your editing experience
    • Students working together on-line and in person to get the most out of discussions on editing articles in a common field. The result would be academic benefits, personal enjoyment and developing a wide array of skills
  • Students benefiting from academics' guidance in editing Wikipedia
  • Social events such as trivia nights and photography competitions in London
  • Meetings with Wikipedians outside Imperial College, including alumni
  • Increasing awareness of how to use Wikipedia, including in teaching programs, through the Campus Ambassadors program.
  • Mutually beneficial initiatives with local museums through a GLAM ambassador.
  • Starting a discussion with London academics about how academia and Wikipedia should perceive each other - the London Wikipedia Academy.

If you are interested in getting involved, please e-mail: or post on our talk page.

Also contact Vinny Patel.