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A snapshot of Wikimedia education activities in Asia:
a report from the 2017 site visit to Nepal, India, and Taiwan

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What happened as a result of the site visits? We asked the main focal points to provide comments, and we also issued a survey to participants to gain some insight

The following information was provided by the main focal point for each site visit.

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Institutions visited are excited to run the Wikipedia education program. During the meeting we had an opportunity to learn about the need and expectations from the Institutions and how the institutions and Wikipedia Education program can work together to make a win-win relation.

Wikimedians of Nepal are motivated with the importance given by the Wikimedia Foundation and they feel that the Foundation has given their contribution an appreciation. We were trained on how to make a program design. We plan to run a bigger pilot in first quarter of the 2018

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At Kalinga Institute of Social Sciences, Bhubaneswar there has been a concrete proposal to renew the WEP program that had been discontinued after 2014.

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The new education program manager has created a case study about ongoing education programs in Taiwan based on advice given during the 1:1 consultations.

Who took the survey?

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Total Individuals [1]
from Nepal
from India
from Taiwan

Survey data

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Asia Site Visit graph 1.png
How satisfied are you with the overall schedule of activities and events during this Wikimedia Foundation Education Program Manager visit to your country?
How helpful do you think it was for your community
Asia report Q10 alt data.png
Which activities were the most helpful to your community?
Asia report Q12.png
The visits to institutional partners of the Wikipedia Education Program Manager were helpful to my Wikimedia community
Q13 Asia report graph.png
To what extent did these visits contribute to the below outcomes from 1 (no impact) to 5 (strong impact)?
Asia Site Visit graph 15.png
Did you attend the Education Program Planning and Evaluation Workshop?
Asia report Q16.png
Before you attended the workshop how would you rate your knowledge of the following topics on a scale of 1 (not at all knowledgeable) to 5 (extremely knowledgeable)?
Asia report graph Q17.png
After attending the workshop, how would you rate your knowledge of the following topics on a scale of 1 (not at all knowledgeable) to 5 (extremely knowledgeable)?
Asia report graph Q19.png
In your opinion, how often should this type of support take place?
  1. Not everyone who took the survey identified their country of origin