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Campus Ambassador

1. 3-day training session includes:

  • The Wikimedia Foundation
    • A brief history
    • The today and tomorrow (e.g., The way forward: WMF strategy)
  • Wikipedia
    • A day in the life of Wikipedia
    • How it works
    • How you can help
    • Collaboration: Evolution of an article
  • What is a Campus Ambassador?
    • A day in the life of a Campus Ambassador
    • What you can expect
    • What you need to be successful
  • Presentation/Facilitation skills
    • Facilitation Basics
    • Facilitation Tips and Tricks
    • Hands-on practice
    • Learning and Training Styles
    • Classroom Management
      • Time Management & Content Flow
      • Instructional Management
      • People Interaction
  • Wikipedia as a Teaching Tool

2. One semester of on-campus activity:

  • Providing training in the classroom
  • Supporting instructors and students on class assignment
  • Engaging in on-campus Wikipedia events

3. Pass Wikipedia Campus Ambassador test

Online Ambassador

  • 3-day training session
  • Half a year of online activity, supporting new contributors on Wikipedia