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Dis is a lis a Wikimedia Oatreach-reaitid chatroom. Please add any moa. Haven't use IRC (a specfik chat teknalagy) befoa? Click di green "cannec" link, enta yu yuusa naaym, an get staatid — no speshal saafware requiaed!

Channel Purpose Notes Channel contact(s)
#wikimedia connect General discussion of Wikimedia including Outreach
#wikipedia-en-classroom connect Wikipedia Education Program channel for student and ambassador discussion
#wikipedia-en-ambassadors connect Wikipedia Ambassador Program coordination channel
#wikimedia-glam connect GLAM discussion channel #glamwiki connect redirects here Rock drum (talk · contribs)

If you want to reach the Wikimedia Foundation or your local Wikimedia chapter via e-mail, phone, or a standard mailing address, see the Wikimedia Foundation's web site.