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In a lot of national education systems a lecturer must present an application, including a timetable to his or her department. An important point for this timetable is that a lot of Wikipedia versions have there own way to review new arcticles, poll featured content or deal with university projects. Some important aspects for every project:

  • Inquiries: To write a Wikipedia article is a big deal for students. If they do not know how to handle Wikipedia, you should teach them the basics. They must check more literature above for a lot of regular coursework goals for an accepted article. The inquiries will need two to five weeks, teaching Wikipedia one or two days.
  • Coordination: The operationalization will need some time. The students must be trained on how to edit Wikipedia and write an article. The local community will check this process and the results in the points of acceptable copyright, lemma, neutral point of view and so one. This may require one to three weeks.
  • Goals: If you wish to create featured content as one possible goal for your students, check the deadlines of the local poll processes or ask one of your Wikipedian facilitators to help. You can realize a lot of didactic goals with the featured content system. Some polls of featured content run for between 7 and 20 days, for example.

A small, six calendar week version uses this timetable:

  • CW 1: Define concrete goals for your students and list your project including themes on Wikipedia. If you wish, recruit community volunteers to generate better community support and acceptance.
  • CW 2: Teach the formal basics and how to write a good Wikipedia article (alternative: Invite a public speaker to do so). Your students should start inquiries to realize the goals.
  • CW 3: Inquiries
  • CW 4: Inquiries
  • CW 5: Realize the first draft on Wikipedia and check community reactions. The students should use the discourse to discuss their work and upgrading their article.
  • CW 6: Check the results and the realization of your goals

You can combine this module with different didactical goals and more ambitious efforts, like the creation of featured content. Please bear in mind that a project for ambitious articles will need more time for inquiries, writing, discussion and the polls.

Example timetable


You can find a sample timetable for a Wikipedia writing assignment in a 4-months course here: w:Wikipedia:School_and_university_projects/User:Piotrus/Fall_2009#Stages_and_deadlines

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