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Ask me & Tell me Anything

hosted by the Wikimedia Foundation Education Team
link Thursday, August 30, 16:00 UTC

Note: we hope this time will be practical mostly for participants located in the Americas, Europe and Africa. Another meeting is set to accommodate participants from Asia and Oceania.

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Which topic would you like to share/discuss/ask about? Add your suggestions here:

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  • Vahid Masrour (WMF)
  • Florencia Guastavino (WMAR)
  • Erlan Vega (Wikimedistas de Bolivia)
  • Luisina Ferrante (WMAR)
  • Galib (WM Bangladesh)
  • Nichole Saad (WMF)
  • Ilario Valdelli (WMCH)
  • Ananth Subray (Christ University)
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Minutes of the meeting:

  • Wikimedia & Education User Group (Galib):
    • Election process for the UG is ongoing
    • UG & Education team interaction: separate entities, Ed Team supports the UG. Ed team will phase out previous branding like the black square.
    • Education Team is trying to support the election process (to help as a "neutral party")
    • The UG will be independant from the WMF team, and making its own decisions. The WMF Edu team will of course support the UG.
    • WMAR: Luisina and Florencia as staff of WMAR cannot participate in the UG. But WMAR will support the UG and its activities.

  • Open badges and Certifications (Ilario)

  • Wikibridges (MOOC for teachers, by WMAR)
    • Worked with Paraguay Educa Foundation (last semester)
    • Face-to-face edition training
    • Coming new edition of MOOC to certify teachers (by WMAR) in Argentina. This certificate is not officially recognized by the Ministry of Education of Argentina
    • Teachers need to show certifications to their institutions

  • Galib: creation of OERs (Open Education Resources) in Bangladesh
    • Learning from Tero (from WMFI) who is conducting a similar initiative in Finland
    • collaboration with Bangladesh Open University to use CC license on contents
    • massive contribution to Commons (pdf) or maybe other formats (Wikibooks?)
    • After sharing/uploading the contents, how to foster uptake by educators? (Nichole)
    • Distribution of contents through offline tools in Bangladesh
    • Kiwix is suggested as possible tool for offline distribution
    • Ananth: Kiwix used in India to distribute scientific contents to remote locations

  • Florencia+Luisina: video tutorials on how to edit Wikipedia