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Ask me & Tell me Anything

hosted by the Wikimedia Foundation Education Team
link Friday, August 31, 16:00 UTC

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Which topic would you like to share/discuss/ask about? Add your suggestions here:

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  • Vahid (WMF)
  • Mehrdad (Freelance)
  • Sailesh (WMF)
  • Nichole (WMF)
  • Galib (WM Bangladesh)

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Minutes of the meeting:

  • Galib: Creating a global policy for Wikimedia Education Program
    • There are a variety of activities around the world, diverse contexts. Support best practices that each volunteer can adapt on in their local contexts. Working locally is the global program.
    • Global recognition is a need. Venues for that are: Programs Showcase (in September), the Education Newsletter, and Office Hours to help with sharing.
    • This is a new direction that follows
  • Sailesh: Mapping exercise
    • centralized document that shows the diversity of education programs
    • will be presented on September 4th
    • CIS, as an affiliate can help other initiatives by providing knowledge and documents that
  • Mehrdad: experience from Afghanistan
    • high levels of illiteracy
    • education models have been copied from other countries, with no contextualization
    • many Wikimedia Projects could fit with those neeeds
    • it would help with critical thinking
    • people have phones (not computers)
    • Dari versus Farsi (languages reflect identities/politics)
    • contributions could be made in Dari
    • Thailand: blocked pages (especially the King's page)
    • Turkey: Wikipedia blocked
    • Sustainable Development Goals: 17a
    • offer Wikimedia projects to agencias that work on those goals
    • There's a volunteer that has endeavored to promote the Wikimedia Projects in Afghanistan, but political interference makes it difficult.
    • Security is a larger challenge than even politics in Afghanistan
    • American University of Afghanistan works hard
    • Training people outside of Afghanistan could be a solution
    • Support communities and what they choose to do. Work with partners is ok, but has to connect to local communities.
    • Pashto community: there seems to be poeple contributing (possibly from the diaspora)
    • How is Internet access?
    • 3G is available almost everywhere
    • Analytical/critical engagement with knowledge is fairly low
    • Wikifundi: Offline editing of Wikipedia
    • Creating a program in Afghanistan (focused on a local language) could be an incubation project.
  • Nichole: Education incubation project
    • project will offer training modules on topics such as project management, basic accounting, evaluation, ...
    • Applications will be open soon
    • Nichole: New Readers team at WMF
    • Focus: how to read information critically
    • this is a global need
    • a package will be published next year
  • Galib: videos on youtube about Wikimedia and education
    • creating more videos would be useful
    • there are a lot of videos that have been created by local communities. The Education Team at WMF have to do a better job of curating those resources.
  • Mehrdad: looking at the 3 top priorities, does this mean these are all efforts that come from the community
    • efforts are made by the wiki-ecosystem that includes volunteers, Affiliates, communities, and the educators