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Ask me & Tell me Anything

hosted by the Wikimedia Foundation Education Team
link Monday, January 23, 14:30 PM UTC

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Which topic would you like to share/discuss/ask about? Add your suggestions here:

  1. Brief of Previous office hour
  2. Year of indigenous languages
  3. Education conference
  4. Education Outreach plan in Kolkata by Rajeeb along conversation related this.
  5. Open role on education team
  6. Chia-Yi's research on Wikimedia and Education(台灣教育專案參與者編輯歷程分析 )
  7. Chia-Yi's Chinese Wikibook multicultural language lessons of Southeast Asia.
  8. Wikipedia Education Program Awareness Campaign planning with local community .

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  • Galib (WMBD)
  • Chia-Yi (WMTW)
  • Nichole (WMF)
  • Sailesh (WMF)
  • Liang (WMTW)
  • Houcemeddine Turki

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Minutes of the meeting:

  • First office hour for January on the 15th had good participation, discussed Basque gov't support of activities, and UK education programs, etc. Included in previous minutes.
  • NS: UNESCO is facilitating the Year of Indigenous, It is to focus on Indigenous languages, something that our movement consider to and specifically with Education. Highlighting activities with Indigenous languages and how it impact on Education.

  • NS:  Anyone has registered to attend the Education Conference or they have applied for the proposal, and if they want any suggestion or
  • Liang: I applied for it but haven't received any confirmation.
  • Galib: I have submitted a proposal with Ananth Subray, regarding Wikimedia Education Outreach program mentorship. It is about how community work on Education. How different activities around the movement can help in the Education movement.
  • Liang: I think five of us from Taiwan have submitted something. I mean Chia-Yi, me, and the three aboriginal center scholars, so I won't explain all five of us, even though we have proposed many lightning talk and posters. I want to only share one submission from Chiay-yi. We're trying to explore the Chinese Wikiversity, It is now approved by the Language committe, It was always in Beta. Chia-Yi has helped to host the research, it was based on the New User Experience Research from the Foundation's Growth Team. The research was about how medium size Wikipedias' new user, their persona or format
  • Nichole: Thanks for sharing, looking forwaard to see that in conference.
  • Sailesh: I will look into that
  • Galib: Earlier I had a conversation with Rajiv, he want to conduct some Education activities in Kolkata, He asked for my help in doing them. Rajiv wants to collaborate with some colleges . When I spoke to him, he mentioned that he want to conduct some activities in know college, I suggested him to collaborate more with his community first and then with the institution.
  • Nichole: There's an opening in the Education team, Please apply for it if you consider it and share it with others whom you consider for it.
  • Chia-Yi: Liang explained it perfectly, some updates: Wikibook, inviting immigrants to edit Wikibooks, organizing each language, but it's a little bit difficult. The two most active languages are from the Phillipines and Thailand. We provided support from the Government, Indonesian, Vietnamese are more active group, we will organise more activities with them on how to edit. A teacher who teaches Human rights in a Taiwanese University, in a meeting they were discussing how to implement Wikipedia in University.
  • Sailesh: Are you planning to follow-up with it and develop the project?
  • Chia-Yi: Yes
  • Galib: What I faced from last one and half years, working with the main chapter, sometime it is difficult to get help from the chapter. We have Chittagong Wikipedia community, we were discussing if we could start an awareness program. If we can go to the primary level and use the resources
  • Nichole: What are the goals?
  • Galib:Enrich the user level, create awareness about Wikipedia, as we have shortage of local. It will also help
  • Nichole: Dashboard is not the best place to start when teachers are new, involve students or teachers with other Wikimedia projects also.
  • Houcemmedine: I am sorry for being late, I am from Tunisian UG, we're trying to enrich content about Tunisia in Wikimedia project. We mainly try to make , How to use public domain content on Wikipedia