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History & Geography
  • Outreach events (workshops, conferences, etc.) (yes/no? and total #):yes ( x workshops, 2 conferences organized by WMRS, EDU conferences participation)
  • Courses (yes/no? and total #):yes (63 courses since 2006)
  • WikiCamps (yes/no? and total #):no (one is planed for summer 2016)
  • WikiClubs (yes/no? and total #): yes (3 highschools)
  • WikiExpeditions (yes/no? and total #): no
  • Teacher training (yes/no? and approximate # of teachers trained): yes (~160 teachers who attended certified teacher training for primary and high school teachers; approximately 100 since the beginning of the program)
  • Government partnerships (yes/no?):yes (accreditation of teacher training for using Wikipedia as a teaching and learning tool)
  • OER (yes/no?):no
  • MOOCs (yes/no?):no
  • Students (total #): ~2500 (since 2007)
  • Educators (total #): 50-100 (since 2007)
  • Education program volunteers (total #): up to 20
  • Education program volunteers who are Admins/Sysops/Stewards (total #): 1
  • Local education program manager (total #): 1 (since January 2015)
  • Articles created (yes/no? and total #):~2700
  • Articles improved (yes/no? and total #): ~250 (rough estimate)
  • Articles translated (yes/no? and total #): more than 100 (no precise information by now)
  • Files uploaded (yes/no? and total #):
  • Bytes added (total #): ~8268000 (from January 2014 to August 2015)
  • Bytes deleted (total #):~622000 (from January 2014 to August 2015)
  • Featured articles (total #):1 (that we know about)
  • Good articles (total #): 1
EduWiki Conference Belgrade: Youth Center Belgrade, Wherevent, Seecult, Marketingitd.


Please tell us something special about your education program that the data may not reveal. For example:

  • You could highlight an achievement you are particularly proud of.
Professor of Serbian language and literature, Anđelka Petrović and whole class of high-school students of Mathematical Gymnasium have been working on article The Beginning of the Revolt against the Dahijas. As this epic poem is very demanding for students to comprehend, they've made video, illustration and maps. Students shared tasks on basis of skills and interest. Some of them (supported by parents and teachers) have translated the article to English, Deutsche, Russian, French and Spanish (yet to be uploaded). As well, detail analysis of this poem is to be inserted to Wikibooks page. We could all learn from this 15 year old students and their enthusiastic teacher, for they have shown great creativity and team work. Professor Anđelka will present this Wiki-work at British Council Conference and fair New Education Technologies 2016 as an example of good practice of using information technologies in classroom.
  • You could acknowledge a special student, educator, or volunteer.
This program wouldn't exist without our Academy Board volunteers (primary Đorđe Stakić and Filip Maljković) and Wikimedia Serbia Ambassadors (Marko Adam, Jovana Milošević and Vukašin Živković). Their hard and productive work has made all the difference for the past 10 years of Education Program in Serbia.
  • You could tell us what you enjoy most about the Wikipedia Education Program.