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Program Contacts[edit]

Nebojša Ratković

Education Program Manager, Wikimedia Serbia

Đorđe Stakić

Wiki Student (2007 -), Wiki Gymnasium (2012 -), President of Wikimedia Serbia Academy Board (2012 - 2017), Wikimedia Serbia Board member (2005 -)

Filip Maljković

Wiki Student (2007 -), Member of Wikimedia Serbia Academy Board (2012 - 2020), Wikimedia Serbia Board member (2005 -)

Marko Adam

President of Wikimedia Serbia Academy Board (2017 - 2020)

Program Description and metrics[edit]

Wikimedia Serbia has participated in the Wikipedia Education Program since 2006. It has partnerships with 30+ academic institutions (universities and secondary schools), they run 3 projects, and are coordinated by Education Program Manager and overseen by an Academic Board. Until 2019 over 4500 students in Serbia have created 5,800+ articles on Wikipedia and Wikidata items. In 2017, Wikimedia Serbia has published a new brochure specifically for the education sector to promote its work and highlight good practices. To learn more and download a free copy of the brochure in Еnglish, please visit this link. In 2018, Wikimedia Serbia has also published Guidelines for Wiki ambassadors and Guidelines for editing Wikipedia with Visual editor.

Accredited Wikipedia course for teachers[edit]

After the Serbian Ministry of Education prescribed that as of September 2014 all students in the second year of secondary school curriculum must study wiki tools, the Institute for the Improvement of Knowledge and Education has included a course on Wikipedia in its catalogue of accredited programs for continuous professional development of teachers, professors and other school personnel. This accreditation lasted for two years and the course started in December 2014. The course, called “Usage of Wikipedia in teaching and learning”, was developed by Wikimedia Serbia and the Academic Board of the Wikimedia Serbia. It`s achievement was reported in This Month in Education. Read more at Education/Government Partnerships#Serbia. During the school year 2015/2016, Wikimedia Serbia has realized 7 seminars, attended by 170 teachers in Serbia.

In 2016, new course called “Usage of online wiki tools as didactic tools in teaching and learning” was accredited by the Institute for the Improvement of Knowledge and Education. The accreditation lasts for two academic years (2016/17 and 2017/18) and the first course was realized in November 2016 at Primary school "Vuk Karadzic" in Surčin. Until now Wikimedia Serbia has realized 14 seminars, attended by 309 teachers. It is important to mention that Wikimedia Serbia has submitted the Accredited seminars project at the Ministry of Education, Science, and Technological Development in August 2016. The project had been accepted and had been realized until the end of May 2017. You can also check a gallery and English version of Accredited seminars website.

In June 2018, Wikimedia Serbia received new accreditation for the course "Usage of online wiki tools in teaching and learning". The accreditation lasts for three academic years 2018/19, 2019/20 and 2020/21.

Seminar name Year Number of seminars Number of participants Number of Wiki pages
Usage of online wiki tools in teaching and learning 2018, 2019, 2020,2021 16+ 315+ 309+
Usage of online wiki tools as didactic tools in teaching and learning 2017, 2018 20 379 333
Usage of Wikipedia in teaching and learning 2015, 2016 7 170 56

Wiki Student[edit]

Wiki student workshop at the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering of Applied Studies, March 2017
  • Wiki Student is a project for university/higher education and their students and teachers / assistants.
  • The idea is to introduce students to Wikipedia, its meaning, benefits, and above all, editing, and the teachers / assistants encourage the use of modern approaches to teaching.
  • The aim is to introduce a Wikipedia in the higher education system by writing term papers on a given topic from a university subject.
  • For further information, please visit our page on Wikipedia (Serbian language)
Wiki Student workshop at at the Faculty of Mining and Geology, Belgrade, March 2017
Participants of Edu Wiki camp 2018 in Serbia
School Year Number of institutions Number of participants Number of edits on Wiki projects
Wikipedia pages Wikidata items Total
2020/2021 6
2019/2020 10 515 664 960 1.624
2018/2019 20 1.185 1.026 393 1.419
2017/2018 18 830 686 6 692
2016/2017 11 765 516 516
2015/2016 11 833 2.099 2.099
2014/2015 10 458 476 476
2013/2014 7 340 487 487
2012/2013 5 115 206 206
2011/2012 3 189 160 160
2010/2011 1 37 37 37
2009/2010 NA NA NA NA
2008/2009 NA NA NA NA
2007/2008 2 23 40 40
2006/2007 2 63 70 70
WMRS EDU Brochure

Wiki Gymnasium (secondary schools)[edit]

Wiki Gymnasium workshop at Sveti Sava Gymnasium, Belgrade, December 2016
  • Wiki Gymnasium project is designed primarily for high schools (especially gymnasium) and their students and teachers.
  • The idea is to familiarize students with Wikipedia, its meaning, benefits, and above all, editing, and to encourage teachers to use modern approaches to teaching.
  • The aim
    • To introduce Wikipedia into the education system by writing papers (term papers) on a given topic from a certain subject (geography, history, biology, etc.).
  • Activities
School Year Number of institutions Number of participants Number of Wikipedia pages Number of Wikidata items
2020/2021 3
2019/2020 3 475 417
2018/2019 5 362 246 6
2017/2018 6 124 42
2016/2017 10 307 139
2015/2016 10 336 228
2014/2015 8 125 45
2013/2014 5 118 166
2012/2013 3 72 77

Wiki Gymnasium workshop at Ninth Gymnasium, Belgrade, March 2017

Wiki Schooler[edit]

  • Wiki Schooler is a project for primary schools and their students and teachers.
  • Activities
School Year Number of institutions Number of participants Number of Wiki pages
2020/2021 4
2019/2020 4 85 33
2018/2019 2 49 18
2017/2018 3 75 23

Wiki in other institutions and organizations[edit]

Name Year Number of participants Number of Wiki pages
Belgrade Centre for Security Policy 2019, 2021 19 21
Kids Centre Zaječar 2018 14 8
Regional Centre for Talented Youth Belgrade 2017 14 12
Unitas - International Humanitarian Organization 2017 10 8
Petnica - International Science Summer School 2012 16 16

Wikinews in schools[edit]

  • Wikinews in schools is a project aimed at the development of the project and the Wikinews introduction of students to the basics of online journalism.
  • The plan
    • To teach courses on journalism and workshops on editing the Wikinews, to pupils / students prepared for independent research and writing news.
  • Activities
    • Faculty of Media and Communication, Singidunum University, Belgrade (February - October 2010).

Wiki Ambassadors[edit]

Wiki ambassadors

Wiki Ambassador is a person who facilitates communication and builds cooperation between WMRS Education program and educational institution which attends. Elected Wiki Ambassadors at this time:

Manual for Wiki Ambassadors
  1. Luka Jovičić Wiki, Ambassador at Faculty of Mathematics University of Belgrade
  2. Miloš Todorović, Wiki Ambassador at Faculty of Philosophy University of Belgrade
  3. Teodora Lukić, Wiki Ambassador at Faculty of Biology University of Belgrade
  4. Ђорђе Илић, Wiki Ambassador at Faculty of Philology University of Belgrade

Additional Information[edit]

Representatives of Wikimedia Serbia are frequent participants in scientific and academic conferences in Serbia and abroad. In this way, we want to contribute to the dissemination of good practice, to share with others our experience of working on the Education Program, but also to learn from others. Also, we strive to achieve the greatest scientific and academic background for our activities, but also to work on publication of author's papers in domestic and foreign scientific journals and proceedings. Here you can see a list of all our published work and attendance at events in Serbian language.

Academic Board[edit]

The Academic Board (Академски одбор) was established with the aim to improve cooperation with scientific and educational institutions in Serbia. The target groups are schools, colleges and institutes, together with their members - pupils, students, teachers / professors. The Board manages educational projects with the aim of spreading free knowledge and the introduction of Wikipedia and its sister projects in the educational school system of our country. By the decision of the Assembly of Wikimedia Serbia, the Academic Board was disbanded in December 2020.

Education Program Manager[edit]

This Education Program Manager position was introduced in January 2015. It was recognized that the Education Program has huge potential to develop, but requires additional reinforcement. The Education Program Manager works closely with the Academic Board, sharing principles and practices already established by them.

EduWiki Conference[edit]

The goals of the EduWiki conference were to increase cooperation between Wikimedia and academic and scientific institutions, to promote cooperation between regional Wikimedia chapters on educational projects, to connect local education leaders with Wikipedia editors, and to grow Wikipedia's use in education. Wikimedia Serbia was the second Wikimedia Chapter to host an EduWiki conference. The 2014 event in Belgrade was the third EduWiki Conference. There is additional information on the conference website.

Media Coverage[edit]

Education newsletter[edit]

WMRS Education Program, Workshop at "New Technologies in Education" Conference, February 2017.
WMRS Wikipedia Education Program, Info room of Belgrade Youth Office, Septemeber 2013.


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