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Mentoring group is a sub-group of the Wikipedia Education Collaborative. Participant mentors include WMF members and a group of established and experienced program leaders from all over the world. They will advise interested volunteers anywhere in the world to help them improve their education programs.


The scope of mentoring covers many areas. For example, mentors can help with:

  1. Highlighting most important materials
  2. Reflecting on lessons learned
  3. Recruiting and motivating volunteers
  4. Reaching out to professors
  5. Running the education extension and metrics (impact analysis)
  6. Funding the program
  7. Managing and organizing courses
  8. Tutoring students on interacting with the Wikimedia community
  9. Creating and translating necessary brochures
  10. Community program progress

These are only examples, so do contact us in case you need help with other issues.


  • Helping current and prospective members of education programs around the world.
  • Developing a mentoring plan for education program leaders.[1][2]

How does it work[edit]

To talk about strategy or improvements to your program, please feel free to reach out to any of the mentors (contact information is available here).

We recommend selecting a mentor from your geographic regional as a good starting point. This helps in terms of understanding the cultural context and knowing the local Wikimedia community.

The contacted mentor will make sure that your queries are answered and might also meet with you online via Skype or Google Hangouts.

Sometimes mentors contact potential mentees as well.

Contact us[edit]

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