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Primary Contacts

Luigi Catalani, Wikimedia Italia national coordinator for Education (luigi.catalani﹫

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Program Description


The different school projects implemented in Italy aimed at

  • involving teachers and students in the implementation of initiatives related to the use of Wikipedia in schools
  • involving teachers and students in the use and creation of Wikipedia content
  • establishing a connection between schools, the community of Wikipedia and Wikimedia around the world including the ability to make meetings, on-line and possibly even live, with teachers and students during which present Wikipedia exposing the objectives
  • explaining the operation, illustrating its potential and what can schools do to improve it
  • establishing a repository of references and tools to be offered to teachers by area of ​​interest (syllabus, essentials, information, hints on how students can create, improve and translate articles)
  • creating a support team that can follow, assist and coordinate teachers and students

Programs in high school (scuola secondaria di secondo grado), 14-18 years old





Wiki Maffei - Verona (Veneto)

WikiEHL: l'enciclopedia del Patrimonio europeo (WikiEHL: the encyclopedia of European heritage) - Trentino-Alto Adige/Südtirol

Diffondere la conoscenza attraverso il riuso digitale delle collezioni di storia lucana (Disseminate knowledge through the digital reuse of Lucan History collections) - Potenza (Basilicata) Aim of the project is to create content open access starting from the information resources and from the collections of the Provincial Library of Potenza, contributing to the publication of works on the online platform starting from the original documents owned by the library.


Adotta una parola va a scuola 2012 ("Adopt a word goes to school", contest)

Adotta una parola va a scuola is a project of the Wikimedia Italy, Emilia Romagna Tourism TER and APT Servizi Emilia Romagna in collaboration with the Regional School Office of Emilia-Romagna. Teachers and students from various schools of Emilia Romagna attended an introductory course on Wikipedia taught by members of WMI. It was the start of a project carried on with schools, managed by Emilia Romagna APTServizi (the body promoting tourism in the region), Wikimedia Italia and the Regional Office of Education.


  • guiding classes in improving a Wikipedia article through relevant research
  • teaching the kids the proper use of sources, the wiki formatting and a research method
  • promoting active citizenship online in contributing to and in understanding online content.

The classes just jumped into the project with enthusiasm, working for three months on the articles they "adopted". In 2011/2012 30 classes participated in Emilia Romagna region.

Autori in Wikipedia (Authors in Wikipedia)

Autori in Wikipedia is a competition organized by Wikimedia Italy, from 2012/2013 in collaboration with the Milan section of AICA, the Italian Association for Informatics and Automatic Calculation and network with Ellis, Network Lombard Educations, Literature and Music, Languages , History and Geography.

The competition of high school students who have been enrolled in Lombardy by a teacher of the school. To reward the best entries written by students in Wikipedia.


Veneto in Wikipedia

Students in the Educational Technology classes create and modify articles in the Italian Wikipedia about learning, training and other topics related to e-learning and Web 2.0. They learn to use Wikipedia as contributors, improving their digital competences on selecting and evaluating reliability of informations.

Promoted by Prof. Corrado Petrucco of the UNIPD Department of Education, it took place in 2013.

Crescere che avventura

Classes to students from 8 to 17 years old, about how Wikipedia / online archives / online collaboration work. About 30 classes involved, in Tuscany (mainly Florence); part of a greater (not only Wikimedian) projects, centered on making the archives of the Istituto degli innocenti in Florence more accessible.

Adotta una voce di Wikipedia al Degasperi ("Adopt an article", contest)

Adopt an article of Wikipedia at Institute Degasperi is a contest that interested a high school (Istituto d'istruzione Alcide Degapseri) in Borgo Valsugana, Autonomous Province of Trento. During 6 months, 228 students from 14 classes worked on 78 articles of Italian Wikipedia; most of them were about local arguments.

Wikipedia va a scuola

Wikipedia va a scuola @ Asti is a project promoted by User:Ste.caneva, that will be taking place in 2014-2015. This project is supported by two local associations (weLand and CreativeAsti), involved in culture, web, desing, tourism promotion and enogastronomy; the most of the member are youth. Aim: high school teachers and students involved in theoretic and practical lessons about Wikipedia and Wikivoyage.


Vivarium is a project conceived and realized by Luigi Catalani and Armando Bisogno, professors at the University of Salerno, designed to support schools and teachers in the use of wiki technology in the organization of teaching. The Interdepartmental Center for Philosophy of Late Antiquity studies, medieval and humanistic (FiTMU), active at the Department of Cultural Heritage Sciences at the University of Salerno, has entered the project Vivarium between its own activities and has entered into a formal agreement with the two schools involved: the High School of human sciences "E. Gianturco" of Potenza and the High scientific School "B. Mangino" of Pagani (Salerno).

Programs in universities


University of Milan - Nursing


Wikibooks at University of Salerno


As part of teaching "Computer Science applied to Philosophical Sciences" of the bachelor degree program in Philosophy, prof. Luigi Catalani proposed students to improve items related to the course topics and to collaborate in the drafting of a manual of Philosophy of Computer Science on Wikibooks. The activity is considered an element of assessment in the examination.

Guardiagrele Wiki at University of Teramo


The project has a dual purpose:

  • to improve, enrich and translate in other languages Wikipedia contents related to the reference context, i.e. the city of Guardiagrele with its history, monuments, popular traditions, artists and places of culture (schools, libraries, museums);
  • to develop skills about online publishing in terms of understanding the technical characteristics of the adopted platforms, architecture of information in the different production environments (texts, media, data), peer review process, and open source content management.

Project page on Wikipedia in Italian

School publisher


EduCloud project


In 2012, WMIT started a partnership with the Italian publishing house Garamond, which specializes in scholarly publishing. This partnership consisted of a counseling service in the design and implementation of "EduCloud" software platform for the publication of educational materials by teachers and students Garamond educloud (see video in Italian) . The project has participated in several Italian schools in the context of the Ministry of Education's "Digital Publishing" project and is based on the use of free materials available on Wikipedia, Wikimedia Commons, Wiktionary, and Wikiquote and the production of teaching materials with a free license.