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  • Employees?
    • None of Wikimedia Italia employees is dedicated to school and educational project, they though provide some general support.
  • What about the budget for education?
    • Some initiatives are organized as contests for students, which require budget for prizes. Furthermore, even if all activities are done by volunteers we have to cover some expenses, notably:
      • we give a reimbursement to cover transportation expenses for the volunteer participating for Wikimedia Italy in real life event (e.g. to give a lecture)
      • Wikimedia Italia translated and printed copies of "Welcome2WP": "Benvenuti su Wikipedia" which we give to all participants to our lectures and workshops for free.
  • Is education of librarians a part of your outreach within education?
    • Partially,the philosophy behind it and the modus operandi are similar but some people are more active on libraries whereas others are more focused on schools. A major difference is that some school initiatives have been realized as contests for students.
    • since 2012 we begun project with libraries; courses in public libraries or data exchange in National library. See GLAM/Libraries, projects (in italian)


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updating outreach[edit]

Hi! We on the Education Team noticed that our list of countries and programs needs updating. Will you help us by updating the information available on your country page? If you need some ideas about what to include, let us know. Some great information to add or update includes: institutions, numbers (courses, students, educators), key contacts and any links to other documentation on wiki (in any language -- English summaries are helpful but not required).

If you have any ongoing programs we would love to hear more about them! You can always get in touch with your regional focal point on wiki or by email. Here is our contact information:

Tighe Flanagan (Africa and the Middle East) tflanagan ﹫

Vahid Masrour (South America and Europe) vmasrour ﹫

Nichole Saad (Asia and the Pacific) nsaad ﹫

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