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Video about Wiki Learning activities presented at Wikimania 2015

March 2015 to May 2015[edit]

Spring semester[edit]

In reality the spring semester begins in January, but totals are by semester. One major event was the very first "Semana i" (iWeek), a Tec de Monterrey system-wide event where students do not attend classes in order to dedicate themselves purely to a project. As this semester was considered a "pilot," the week was only three days. Working with Wikipedia was one of the options for students, with activities on three campuses, Ciudad de México, Santa Fe and Estado de México. Each campus ran their own activities, with the largest being at Campus Ciudad de México with over 100 students. Anna Koval from the Wikipedia Education Program visited us for this event, encouraging teachers and students on all three campuses, as well as giving an interview for campus radio.

64 classes on Campuses Ciudad de México and Santa Fe registered but only about half did any Wikimedia activities. Many of these were in preparation for Semana i.

One high school class in media arts started a project to create a video to document Wiki Learning activities to be presented at Wikimania in Mexico City

25 students worked with Wikipedia as part of their "servicio social," a community service requirement for all undergraduates in Mexico. Wikipedia has been an option to satisfy this requirement since 2014.

Stats for the entire semester

  • Usernames of those involved = 1127
  • New usernames = 872
  • # of edits made = 6131
  • # of pages created = 695
  • # of bytes added = 11,483,046

Summer session[edit]

Animation about alebrijes and the annual Alebrije Parade in Mexico City
Tutorial on how to upload files into Commons in Spanish

No classes were involved in working with Wikipedia, but there was a servicio social group of 23. 5 of these students worked to finished the video that was begun last semester, and were part of the team that presented it, along with project manager Daniel Ulacia (who is working now with Pine's video project). The video was a great hit and resulted in Tec de Monterrey being prominent in a multipage article about Wikipedia and education in the "Universitarios" supplement of Reforma, a major Mexico City newspaper. Unfortunately, they will not release the article in a free license for Commons.

We began a collaboration with the Museo de Arte Popular to produced short videos for Commons and social media on topics related to folk art and handcrafts. One video was completed. and is in this section. The same group, with help, produced a professional-quality video on uploading to Commons.


  • 19 participants of servicio social
  • 3,703,182 bytes added to Spanish Wikipedia
  • 1,045 edits in namespace only
  • 81 articles created or significantly expanded
  • Two kick-ass videos

Fall 2015 semester[edit]

It is impossible for us to do a detailed report on our activities because we have so too much data to analyze by hand and the current tools are inadequate. For example, we cannot separate which articles are translated, which articles are written from scratch and which articles are expanded or just revised without going into the histories of each of the articles. (It's hard enough to recruit and keep teachers without asking them to do a bunch of documentation work.)

But we did the best we could below.

We had a second Semana i, this time five days long. Campuses Ciudad de México and Santa Fe participated. Instead of having a large number of activities to choose from (too much work!) we decided to focus our efforts into a Wiki expedition over the Mexico City delegations of Xochimilco and Tlapan, as well the historic neighborhood of San Angel. Cuidad de México took the two delegations and a small group from Santa Fe worked in San Angel. A number of articles were written as well in, a few in and some were translated into French, Danish and Swedish (foreign students).

The rest of the stats come from servicio social and three classes at Ciudad de México.

Stats According to Wikimetrics tool....

  • 9,589,918 bytes to Spanish Wikipedia
  • 3,098 edits to the mainspace of Spanish Wikipedia

Manual count

  • 302 student and teacher participants
  • 281 Spanish Wikipedia articles created or significantly expanded
  • 6,057 photographs
  • 10 videos
  • 9 articles in English Wikipedia
  • 2 articles in French Wikipedia
  • 1 article in Swedish Wikipedia
  • 1 article in Danish Wikipedia

Spring 2016 semester[edit]

This semester is in progress so no stats yet.

We have only four classes working with Wikipedia, one of which is doing a wiki-expedition.

No Semana i is scheduled. The next is scheduled for September 2016. We have at least five Wikimedia activities in the works at Campuses Ciudad de México (3), Santa Fe (1) and quite possibly at Campus San Luis Potosi.

We have two groups of students working with Wikipedia for servicio social. Wikiservicio - is a group of students primarily working on campus and at home to translate articles, with one group working on a tutorial for translating articles the way we do it at Tec de Monterrey. This group began with 20 students but about a third have dropped out.

Wikipedistas Residentes - is an attempt to have students get credit for working outside the campus, a requirement for 2/3 of student servicio social hours, and still work to benefit Wikipedia. This group focuses on video and animation projects, as these are the easiest to "sell" outside partners. This is where the collaboration with the Museo de Arte Popular has been moved to (officially in May 2016). Two videos are in the works but there have been snags. We are talking to a new organization to provide more variety of topics to students.